Oil and Gas Offshore / Onshore Maintenance Engineering

We have the knowledge, experience and the top resources to support our clients in the Oil & Gas industry.

Maintenance is a complex task. Analyzing what is needed, engineering the maintenance, planning and inspecting the operations and then managing activities requires experienced experts. Maintenance Engineering & Inspection is at the core of this activity.

Maintenance Engineering generally starts during the engineering, procurement and construction phase of a new plant. During this phase Mitas Oils and Gas works with clients to integrate their operational backgrounds, specific knowledge of their installations and the geographical context. Optimized Maintenance Engineering & Inspection proposals based on best practices are then defined.

Our’ Maintenance Engineering and Inspection includes documentation management, maintainability and inspectability studies, the definition of and recommendations for spare parts and tools, procurement, warehousing and maintenance & inspection plans and procedures. Using the same partner for both Maintenance Engineering & Inspection and Operation & Maintenance guarantees the optimum transfer of a smooth transition to the operational phase.

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